Scott's Book Review

The Cradle of Thought

Peter Hobson

Experimental Evidence - Science

In The Cradle of Thought Peter Hobson (, a Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the Tavistock Clinic and...

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The Genius of Language

Wendy Lesser (editor)

Egghead Choice

In this collection 15 writers consider the impact of their bilingualism on the development of their craft. All agree that, in some sense, it was precisely the...

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Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology

Moses I. Finley

Past Present - History

This is a landmark work on the human institution of slavery. Entire conferences and world wide debates have centred round it since first publication in 1980. ...

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Devil in the Mountain

Simon Lamb

Experimental Evidence - Science

Why is the Earth not shaped as a smooth sphere like a marble? Why are there immensely deep trenches under the oceans and mountains towering into the...

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Samuel Johnson

W. J. Bate

Lives Well Lived - Biography and Memoir

In September 2017 I had the privilege of fulfilling a long standing ambition. I visited Dr Johnson’s House in Gough Square, London....

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