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The Voices Within

Charles Fernyhough


Have you ever talked to yourself? Such is the stigma attached to any kind of mental abnormality, one is inclined to answer ‘no’. Privately, though,...

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Behind Closed Doors

B.A. Paris

Fantastic Fiction - Escape to other places and other times

Here is a debut novel which is getting a lot of praise by word of mouth. Give this psychological thriller a try. The summary is as follows. Everyone knows a...

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Victorians Undone

Kathryn Hughes

Lives Well Lived? Biography

Most of us have a picture of the Victorians in our minds. Straight-laced (on the surface). Women bound into suffocating corsets. Piano legs covered for the...

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How Language Began

David McNeill


Many attributes have been posited to distinguish humans from other animals. Tool making, complex social organisation, moral sensibility, ritual practice,...

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The Doorstep Child

Annie Murray

Saga Fiction

Annie Murray has been infantalising the minds of her readers with carelessly crafted novels of no power and less conviction for some time. Her 22nd, The...

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