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The Devil and Miss Prym

Paulo Coelho

Literary Bent - Writing at its best

Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho ( offered this tale about fear, temptation and responsibility in 2000. The fable is...

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Giulia Enders

Experimental Evidence - Science & Technology

As I write on 19 December 2015 people across the world are preparing to put an organ in their bodies through an assault course. This annual ritual is known as...

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Treasure Beneath The Hearth

Edward Walker

Spirit Matters - Reaching for the Divine

A myth is not an untruth or a lie. The word ‘myth’ has been hijacked to convey the meaning of falsity in recent decades, but this hijacking has...

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Ted Hughes

Jonathan Bate

Lives well lived? A pick from biography and memoir

2015 has brought us a whopping, meticulously researched biography of Ted Hughes ( Academic superstar Jonathan Bate...

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Signs for Lost Children

Sarah Moss

Fantastic Fiction - Escapes to other places and other times

Sarah Moss is a teacher at The University od Warwick Writing Programme. ( Signs of Lost Children is her 4th novel to date. It...

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