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Shakespeare’s Language

Frank Kermode

Egghead Choice - Crack open for a hard boiled think

What makes Shakespeare the greatest dramatist/poet, period? This masterpiece of literary criticism and elucidation will tell you what. It is, in itself, a...

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The Philosophy of History

Mark Day

Egghead Choice - Crack open for a hard boiled think

The words ‘history’ and ‘past’ are often used inter-changeably. There is, though, a proper technical distinction. The past is...

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The Idea of the Holy

Rudolph Otto

Spirit Matters - reaching for the Divine

A classic of religious philosophy, The Idea of the Holy (1917) by Rudolph Otto ( has been revered by generations of...

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The Varieties of Religious Experience

William James

Spirit Matters - Reaching for the Divine

When William James ( went to the University of Edinburgh in 1901 to deliver a series of lectures on ‘natural...

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Dark Witch

Nora Roberts

Fantastic Fiction - Escapes to other places and other times

Ever popular Nora Roberts ( has a new offering. The summary is as follows. With indifferent parents, Iona Sheehan...

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