Scott's Book Review


Karin Slaughter

Criminally minded - tales of the behaviourally challenged

Karin Slaughter (born in a small community in Georgia,  has sold more than 30 million copies of her books, and is published in...

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Collier’s Row

Jan Webster

Scottish Interest

Jan Webster had a deep and instinctive feel for the Scots people of whom she wrote.This is an affecting saga of Scots life. ISBN...

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The Philosophy of Schopenhauer

Bryan Magee

Egghead Choice - Crack open for a hard boiled think

This volume allows Bryan Magee ( the length to set out the arguments of the great German pessimist. He is largely...

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Historic New Lanark

The Dale and Owen Industrial Community Since 1785 Are you ever embarrassed about not knowing more about your local area when visitors arrive? Bone up on this...

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The Shallows

Nicholas Carr

Egghead Choice - Crack open for a hard boiled think

Nicholas Carr’s ( contention is that the internet is rewiring our brains to negative effect. He is not...

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