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Man, Beast and Zombie

Kenan Malik

Egghead Choice - Crack open for a hard boiled think

Man, Beast and Zombie  (2000)  by Kenan Malik ( investigates the historical roots, philosophical assumptions and...

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A.S. Byatt

Literary Bent - Writing at its best

Possession: A Romance is a 1990 bestselling novel by Antonia Byatt, sister of Margaret Drabble. It won the Booker Prize in 1990. Part historical as well as...

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The Demon-Haunted World

Carl Sagan

Experimental Evidence - Science and Technology

A long time ago my Grandfather presented me with a hardback copy of Cosmos (1980,...

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The Wings of the Dove

Henry James

Choice Classics - A pick from the enduring classics

Kate Croy and Merton Densher are two betrothed Londoners who desperately want to marry but have very little money. Kate is constantly put upon by family...

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Mrs Bridge

Evan S. Connell

Fantastic Fiction - Escapes to other places and other times

Mrs Bridge (1959) is an inspired novel set in the years around World War II that testifies to the sapping ennui of an unexamined suburban life (in Kansas...

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