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A Short History of Europe

Simon Jenkins

Past Present - What's new in History

There can hardly have been more saturation coverage in the British media than that over Brexit. Every minute aspect of this awful car crash is analysed to...

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Age of Anger

Pankaj Mishra

Past Present - What's new in History

The latest outpouring of resentment and anger happens to be in Chemnitz in eastern Germany...

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The Blood of Emmett Till

Timothy B. Tyson

Past Present - American Civil Rights

At a tiny hamlet in the Mississippi Delta there stands Bryant’s Grocery. Here in August 1955, a 14-year-old black youth from Chicago, Emmett Till, allegedly...

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Black Tudors

Miranda Kaufmann

Past Present - What's new in History

Many of us have watched costume dramas about the Tudor period. My favourite image is of Charles Laughton scoffing a whole chicken carcass in the 1933 film The...

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This New Ocean

William E. Burrows

Past Present - History of the space age

Five hundred years ago Europeans were exploring their world like never before by crossing the oceans. In the second half of the twentieth century humans broke...

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The Unwomanly Face of War

Svetlana Alexievich

Past Present - What's new in history

For more than three decades, Svetlana Alexievich ( has been the memory and...

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