Scott's Book Review

Afterglow of Creation

Marcus Chown

Experimental Evidence - Cosmology

In the week which marked the death of Stephen Hawking on 14 March 2018, many people will be prompted to read one of his books or another on cosmology....

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Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos

Dennis Overbye

Experimental Evidence - Cosmology

In southern California, over 50 years ago, a small band of researchers were pursuing a not inconsequential goal – to uncover the origin and fate of the...

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The Gene

Siddhartha Mukherjee

Experimental Evidence - Science & Technology

Ideas about the gene, genetics and genetic engineering get splashed around in the media routinely now. Often the gene is cast up as a simple determinant of...

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Phantoms in the Brain

V.S. Ramachandran

Experimental Evidence - Science - Neurology

Here is something to unsettle your conviction that there is any real ‘self’ reading these words. V.S. Ramachandran...

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Evolution and Healing

Randolph Nesse and George Williams

Experimental Evidence - Evolution and healing

This book puts forward the case that a thorough-going understanding of human evolution by medical professionals is likely to give us better medicine. The book...

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Walker’s Bats of the World

Ronald M. Nowak

Experimental Evidence - Science - Animals - Bats

Bats are not everyone’s favourite beastie. For those who are fascinated by life on Earth, this volume comes highly recommended. From the African...

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