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At the Loch of the Green Corrie

Andrew Greig

Lives Well Lived? - Memoir

For many years Andrew Greig ( saw the poet Norman MacCaig...

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The Rules Do Not Apply

Ariel Levy

Lives Well Lived? - Memoir

Travelling for a story in Mongolia when five months pregnant, journalist Ariel Levy ( gave birth to her...

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American Fire

Monica Hesse

Lives Well Lived? - American crime

In 2013 Charlie Smith and Tonya Bundick were convicted of 86 arsons in Accomack County, Virginia. Reporter Monica Hesse ( tells...

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The Sheltering Desert

Henno Martin

Lives well lived - Autobiography

Transport yourself to a place somewhat hotter and drier than Clydesdale in March 2018. The Sheltering Desert is about two young German geologists, Henno Martin...

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Lawrence Gowing

Biography - Artists

This is a classic study of an artist, first published 1970. Lawrence Gowing...

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In Darwin’s Shadow

Michael Shermer

Experimental Evidence - Science biography

The similarities between between Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace are not hard to point out. Both men had been ardent beetle-hunters in their youth;...

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