Scott's Book Review

Western Atheism

James A. Thrower

Egghead Choice - Philosophy - Atheism

Many people now find the old creeds unconvincing, and are increasingly turning to naturalistic explanations of their world. At significant moments in their...

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Too Much to Know

Ann Blair

Egghead Choice - Information Management

Some years ago, one began to hear people say ‘too much information’. Additionally one’s state of awareness on any matter was confined on a...

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Amy Goldstein

Egghead Choice - American society and economics

Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Goldstein ( spent years immersed in Janesville, Wisconsin where America’s oldest operating...

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Jane Austen’s Textual Lives

Kathryn Sutherland

Egghead Choice - Literary criticism

Jane Austen’s novels have never gone out of fashion, nor received anything less than high critical acclaim. Her work is familiar to millions who have...

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The Mystery of Existence

John Leslie and Robert Lawrence Kuhn (eds.)

Egghead Choice - Ontology

In the Philosophical Investigations (, Ludwig Wittgenstein writes that philosophical perplexities...

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The Rhetoric of Religion

Kenneth Burke

Egghead Choice - Philosophy of Religion/Religious Language

It has been understood at least since Wittgenstein ( that there are varieties of human thought and discourse,...

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